Wicker's Wishes

CONCEPT: Self Acceptance



Together, read a story about a Basset Hound who wishes for ears like anyone's but his own. Eventually, he discovers that there are many wonderful things about his ears. Discuss similarities and differences amongst children and learn that everyone is special and unique.


After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • describe some similarities/differences between themselves and other children (i.e. height, shoe size, hair color)
  • have an explanation of PKU for others



  1. Read the story Wicker's Wishes - A Tale About Self Acceptance by Carol B. Kaplan.

  2. Lead a discussion asking questions such as:

    • What was special about Wicker?
    • Why didn't Wicker like his long ears?
    • Did Wicker like his ears at the end of the story?
    • What makes you special compared to other kids?
    • Because you have PKU, what do you do that is different from your mom, dad, and friends?
    • What foods are just the same as the foods your mom, dad, and friends eat?
    • What food are different from the foods your mom, dad, and friends eat?
  3. Complete the "I'm Special Because..." worksheet.
  4. Complete the Yes/No Foods worksheet.



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