Identifying Food Groups *




Review the PKU food groups and play Food Group Bingo.



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • name the PKU food groups
  • list examples of foods within each food group



Lead a discussion about the food groups for the PKU diet.

  • Ask the children to name the PKU food groups. Write them on the board as they name them.
    • formula "milk" group
    • fruit group
    • vegetable group
    • low protein breads/cereals/grains group
    • miscellaneous "extra foods" group (treats, free foods)
  • Ask them to list foods that go under each group heading.

Play Food Group Bingo:
Give each participant a bingo card and markers to cover the squares. The instructor calls out one food item at a time, until someone gets five in a row (a bingo!)

Distribute the worksheet . Allow the children time to complete it on their own. Discuss the answers together.




*This activity is adapted from NET Nutrition Education, Choose Well, Be Well: A Curriculum Guide for the Primary Grades, California State Department of Education, 1982.


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