Syllabus: Graduate Seminar in Relational Poverty

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Co-Curated by: Austin Crane, Kidan Araya, Emma Slager, Key MacFarlane, Jen Porter, Meredith Krueger, Maggie Wilson, Michael Chabride, Yanning Wei, Elyse Gordon, Nick Gottschall, Susmita Rishi, Ryne Maloney-Risner, Sarah Elwood, Vicky Lawson – University of Washington 

This seminar convened in winter 2014 to explore issues of relational poverty through theoretical and empirical perspectives. The seminar syllabus was co-curated by graduate students, who populated the final three weeks of course readings around the topics of alliance politics. The syllabus helps us grapple with the ontological, epistemological and methodological debates and questions regarding a relational poverty politics. Students also wrote multiple blog posts, many of which can be found on the RPN blog.

Syllabus: Relational Poverty Graduate Seminar

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