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Relational Poverty Politics: Forms, Struggles, and Possibilities

March 17

Book Contributors: Antonádia Borges, Dia Da Costa, Sarah Elwood, David Boarder Giles, Jim Glassman, Victoria Lawson, Felipe Magalhães, Jeff...

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Middle Class Identities and Job Instability: explorations on class identifications of temporary state workers

September 11

Santiago García Martín, Social Sciences PhD. Candidate, Centro de Investigaciones Sociohistóricas, Instituto de Investigación en Humanidades y...

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Place and Citizenship at Home

January 13

Sheryl-Ann Simpson, University of California, Davis, Landscape Architecture + Environmental Design When inequality happens within one...

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Multi-sectoral approaches to poverty reduction: charity or change?

September 26

Shauna MacKinnon, Associate Professor, Department of Urban and Inner City Studies, University of Winnipeg Winnipeg, Canada is a mid-size city in...

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Economic knowledge in the urban informal economy of Zaria, Nigeria

May 12

Colin Marx, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, University College London This research is framed within relational processes of...

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The Politics of Cross Class Alliance-Building in a Mixed-Income Neighborhood

March 16

Anisa Jackson, University of Washington This research project considers the politics of cross-class relationships in the Seattle mixed-income...

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Red Line Service

February 17

Rhoda Rosen & Billy McGuinness, School of the Art Institute Faced with the appalling statistics issued by the Chicago Coalition for the...

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Cultivating capital: Urban agriculture, eco-gentrification, and resistance in the Sustainable City

May 18

Nathan McClintock, Portland State University, Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning This mixed-methods project examines urban agriculture's...

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Philadelphia Field Project: Toward a use-value geography of poverty

May 9

Lakshman Yapa - Pennsylvania State University - Department of Geography The project is to build an interdisciplinary research initiative on urban...

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