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Relational Poverty Research by RPN Members

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Unjust Conditions: Women’s Work and the Hidden Cost of Cash Transfer Programs

July 10

Author: Tara Cookson, Director, Ladysmith Ventures Unjust Conditions: Women's Work and the Hidden Cost of Cash Transfer Programs, follows the...

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Digitize and Punish: Carceral Cities and the Production of Crime Data

November 30

Brian Jordan Jefferson, Department of Geography and Geographic Information Science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign While critical...

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Creative Placemaking in San Francisco and Seattle. Inclusive and/or Democratic?

May 10

Vinita Goyal, Practitioner: City of Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development, and Independent Researcher Occidental/West Lake Parks...

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Multi-sectoral approaches to poverty reduction: charity or change?

September 26

Shauna MacKinnon, Associate Professor, Department of Urban and Inner City Studies, University of Winnipeg Winnipeg, Canada is a mid-size city in...

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Local social innovation, welfare state restructuring and anti-poverty policies

May 2

Stijn Oosterlynck, Associate Professor, Research Centre on Inequality, Poverty, Social Exclusion and the City (OASeS), Department of Sociology,...

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The politics of SNAP: Stimulus, Stigma, and Supermarket Redlining

February 23

Jerry Shannon, University of Georgia The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps) has long been touted for...

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‘Pobre Pobreza (Poor Poverty)’: Destabilizing Poverty Knowledges and Representations through Participatory Visual Methods in Colombia

February 17

Amy Ritterbusch, Universidad de los Andes Poor poverty: Multiple Perspectives’ is a participatory visual methods project mobilized in five...

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Rural Women and the Uneven Process of Inclusion

September 17

Tara Cookson, University of Cambridge, Department of Geography Conditional cash transfers (CCTs) have become the world’s most popular tools for...

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A Contínua Luta: Research on politics against the State as a killing system

August 19

 Antonádia Borges, University of Brasilia, Department of Anthropology Privilege in countries like Brazil and South Africa (where I do research)...

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