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Relational Poverty Research by RPN Members

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“A Mass Conspiracy to Feed People”: World-Class Waste and the Struggle for Space in the Global City

August 14

David Boarder Giles, University of Canterbury, Department of Anthropology This ethnographic research explores the cultural and political...

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Poverty and the New Geography of Blame in the United States

July 23

Jeff Maskovsky, Queens College, City University of New York, Department of Urban Studies Poverty and inequality are being re-territorialized in...

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The Multiple Relational Geographies of Urban Redevelopment

May 2

Bob Lake, Rutgers University, Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy Urban redevelopment in the neoliberal city is frequently...

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Spaces in Transition? Mapping Manila’s Peri-Urban Fringe

May 2

Arnisson Andre C. Ortega, University of the Philippines, Population Institute In recent decades, neoliberal restructuring has facilitated dramatic...

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Contesting the neoliberal metropolis: macroeconomics and/in the city and the 2013 protests in Brazil

April 16

Felipe Magalhães – Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil - Department of Geography A wide range of heterogeneous social...

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The Great Transformation: Neoliberalization, the urban commons and socio-spatial justice in Jakarta, Indonesia

February 4

Helga Leitner and Eric Sheppard, University of California Los Angeles, Department of Geography Asian cities long have labored under the shadow of...

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