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Relational Poverty Research by RPN Members

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A început ploaia – Fighting for the right to housing in Bucharest

April 26

Michele Lancione, Urban Institute, The University of Sheffield Accordingly to Amnesty International, in Romania ‘the right to housing is not...

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Visualities of Homelessness and Ecology: Of Hot Spots and High Lines

April 18

Eric Goldfischer, PhD Student in Geography, University of Minnesota Cities have long tried to influence the ways in which homelessness, and...

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Who Governs the ‘Ungovernable’? Examining the Modes of Governance in Urban Informality

August 4

Redento B. Recio, The University of Queensland, School of Geography, Planning, and Environmental Management Over the years, studies have noted...

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Economic knowledge in the urban informal economy of Zaria, Nigeria

May 12

Colin Marx, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, University College London This research is framed within relational processes of...

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Living the Dream: youth, unemployment, and the promise of a middle-class life in Cairo

May 1

Harry Pettit, London School of Economics The rise of a Global Middle Class has been lauded by development institutions, the media, and academia...

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Political infrastructure: community wireless mesh networks and urban politics

March 24

Emma Slager, University of Washington In this project, I examine community-built Internet infrastructure as it relates to broader struggles for...

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Governing the “Post-Conflict” City: Urban Futures in Bogotá

March 16

Emma Shaw Crane, New York University The progressive urban planning projects of Bogotá, Colombia are celebrated globally as models of inclusion,...

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Planning for property? (Counter)performing property within and beyond “land use” planning

March 4

Trevor Wideman, PhD student @ Simon Fraser University This project questions the concept of “land use” as it has been used in the discipline...

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Regulation by ambiguity: The spatial politics of a Paraguayan frontier economy

August 19

Jennifer Tucker, University of California at Berkeley, Department of City and Regional Planning Since the 1980s, extra-legal networks of custom...

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