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Relational Poverty Research by RPN Members

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Unjust Conditions: Women’s Work and the Hidden Cost of Cash Transfer Programs

July 10

Author: Tara Cookson, Director, Ladysmith Ventures Unjust Conditions: Women's Work and the Hidden Cost of Cash Transfer Programs, follows the...

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Marginal Nightscapes: contradictions of neoliberal urbanism in Mumbai, India

February 27

Aparna Parikh, Department of Geography, Pennsylvania State University The growth of the neoliberal service sector in Mumbai, India, has...

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Joyful Academic Subjects

January 23

Karen Falconer Al-Hindi, Department of Geography and Women’s & Gender Studies, University of Nebraska at Omaha Pamela Moss, Department of...

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Feeding the Crisis: Work, Gender and the Growing Food Safety Net in the U.S.

September 29

Maggie Dickinson, Assistant Professor, Guttman Community College, CUNY The food safety net has experienced unprecedented growth in the 21st...

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Middle Class Identities and Job Instability: explorations on class identifications of temporary state workers

September 11

Santiago García Martín, Social Sciences PhD. Candidate, Centro de Investigaciones Sociohistóricas, Instituto de Investigación en Humanidades y...

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Place and Citizenship at Home

January 13

Sheryl-Ann Simpson, University of California, Davis, Landscape Architecture + Environmental Design When inequality happens within one...

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Who Governs the ‘Ungovernable’? Examining the Modes of Governance in Urban Informality

August 4

Redento B. Recio, The University of Queensland, School of Geography, Planning, and Environmental Management Over the years, studies have noted...

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Viviendo del rebusque: studying how law affects the working poor in Bogotá-Colombia

May 6

Laura Porras, University of Ottowa My doctoral dissertation focuses on describing, understanding, analyzing and evaluating how both State and...

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Local social innovation, welfare state restructuring and anti-poverty policies

May 2

Stijn Oosterlynck, Associate Professor, Research Centre on Inequality, Poverty, Social Exclusion and the City (OASeS), Department of Sociology,...

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