How to avoid and detect plagiarism

It is easy to cut and paste images, audio files, video, and text directly from one Web page to another, making copyright law violations and plagiarism a big problem on the Web. These pages provide information on avoiding and detecting plagiarism on student websites.

Avoiding plagiarism on your website
Four simple guidelines all students should follow when making an academic website.

Checklist for student websites
Students & TRIO Sites participants: read this page before turning in your website!

How to detect plagiarism on student webpages
Tips to help educators detect plagiarism on student webpages. Learn how to search for plagiarism with a search engine and what to look for in the source code.

Plagiarism Detection Links
Links to anti-plagiarism information, software, and services.

TRIO Sites Fair Use Rules
Guidelines for the use, without permission, of portions of lawfully acquired copyrighted works. These educational multimedia guidelines are adapted from the University of Maryland College and recommended by