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Awards & Recognition 2012

Congratulations to all students who completed a DigiMedia entry in 2012. Below you will find our award placements of the Best of Contest, finalists, semifinalists and quarterfinalists entries for DigiMedia.

DigiMedia 2012

DigiSites 2012

DigiText 2012

We ask viewers to remember that students created these entries as an activity in their TRIO Program and that the information and views expressed are those of the students.


DigiText Silver

High School

Haunted Halls Haunted Halls
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Upward Bound


Middle School

Gone But Not ForgottenGone But Not Forgotten
Morehead State University
Talent Search


Middle School

Sweet and Sour Lexington Sweet and Sour Lexington
Harlem Center for Education
Talent Search


Entries that list student first and last names have been approved by each program; each program has assured TRIO Quest 2012 that permission slips for last names is on file.