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Getting Started: DigiText

This guide will tell you what is needed to create a DigiText entry. For full competition steps, from registration to submission, please go to the DigiText Overview page.

In order to create a DigiText entry, you will need the following:


Digital cameras have become quite inexpensive. You can get a good digital camera under $100. Many devices and cellphones that many students have nowadays, like iPod Touch and iPhone, can capture photos as well. However, because these are not equipments dedicated for taking photographs, the quality will not be as good; but nonetheless these are options you should consider, especially if your budget is limited.

Buying Guides

The links below can help you pick which camera or camcorder is right for you and your students.


Need help narrowing down your choices? Digital cameras and camcorders are not created equal! We highly advise you to read product reviews before you buy.

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Image/Photo Programs

These programs are used to create web graphics such as banners or edit and develop photographs. Adobe Photoshop is notably the most popular image editing program, but don't limit your options to just this. There are other programs that are less expensive, and although they are less capable, they may be a better place to start for students who had never done image/photo editing. Also, if your students own iOS (iPod Touch, iPhone) or Android devices with a good camera, they can also use apps to edit photos right in their devices.

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