Priority 1 Testimonials

Trainee Evaluations:

At the training in February 2011, 100 trainees assess Priority 1 training as “Exceptional” overall.  They rated the “usefulness” of the training as 4.8 and their “confidence in the expertise of the presenters” as 4.9 on a scale of 1 – 5 with 5 being high.  Trainees praised the effectiveness of the presentations and the high degree of interactivity. 

Sample comments Priority 1 training in February:

“It was great to get feedback from other people when I presented my problems to the group.  Lots of ideas.”

“I got the most concrete information, actual tools ….  Seeing not only what I could do but how to implement was extremely helpful.”

“Breaking in groups made me realize that though our program is a successful one we are far from being perfect. “

“I trust the staff so much because of their expertise—they are so approachable and put things into terms we can understand.  Thanks for the information and the resources given to us!”

“This is the best training team I’ve ever met in terms of preparation, knowledge, and professionalism.”