UW Transfer Student eNewsletter
UW Transfer Student eNewsletter
Spring 2008 | Issue No. 12 
Thinking about transferring to the UW? If you are, Transfer Thursday is your gateway to transfer information. At a Transfer Thursday session, you can speak to an admissions counselor who will tell you all about applying to the UW. You can also meet with an undergraduate academic advisor who will help you prepare for your intended UW major. Bring your questions and your unofficial transcript(s). It’s one-stop shopping for the prospective transfer student.

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So Now What? What to Expect When your Decision Arrives

By Susan Inman, Undergraduate Program Manager and Adviser, Environmental Health

The University of Washington takes great care in assessing applications and does not rush the selection of future students. We receive thousands of admission applications, making the review process long. While this process requires patience on the part of applicants, the benefit is that each applicant is reviewed as an individual.

Official notification for autumn transfer admission takes place from May through July and comes only through the postal mail. Everyone who completes an application will receive a result. Here are some things to expect and some action steps to take for those who have received their admission decision.

When students are offered admission to the UW, they receive a Welcome Booklet. The booklet should be read carefully as it explains the offer of admission and describes the programs that will ensure a student's smooth transition to the UW.

Confirm Enrollment
Students confirm their intention to attend the UW by submitting the Enrollment Confirmation Form, the Payment Checklist, and the New Student Enrollment & Orientation Fee or deferral request. Materials should be submitted as soon as the decision to attend the UW is made, but no later than the date indicated on the Enrollment Confirmation Form.

The Offer of Admission
An offer of admission is extended on the basis of information provided in the application. Final transcripts should be sent to Admissions as soon as the completed work is recorded on the transcript(s) but no later than July 1 (September 1 for those completing coursework in the summer). Final transcripts are used to verify that students maintained scholastic standing, followed through with courses projected on the application and for the transfer credit evaluation.

Immunization Requirement
Enrolling UW students are required to provide proof of measles immunity to ensure the transmission of the measles disease is limited in the event of an outbreak on campus. The Measles Immunity Verification Form needs to be complete and sent to Hall Heath Primary Care Center on campus. Students will be blocked from course registration until completed documents are received and processed.

English Language Proficiency
The University of Washington requires students who are not US citizens to demonstrate English Language Proficiency and notification of this requirement is sent along with a student's Welcome Booklet. English proficiency must be verified, either via submission of minimum test scores before the start of classes OR by completing English course work through the UW's Academic English Program (AEP).

Staying Connected
Entering UW students need to establish their University identity, called a UW NetID, and password that allows them to access personal information, email, and campus services. Part of the UW NetID creation process will be the activation of the UW email account. The University will use this account to share important information including Advising & Orientation registration confirmation, electronic billing for tuition, and correspondence from faculty and staff. Additionally, each student at the UW has his or her own homepage called MyUW. This portal allows students to find personalized UW information related to classes, tuition, housing, and athletics. Students were supplied information to create their MyUW account after receipt of their application for admission.

Advising & Orientation (A&O)
First Year Programs is the primary office that will assist students through their transition to the UW. All entering students must attend a First Year Program's Advising & Orientation session between June and September. During A&O students are introduced to many campus resources and opportunities. A&O is time to meet other transfers, receive academic advising, and register for classes. Additionally, First Year Programs coordinates Dawg Daze Welcome Week as students begin classes and Transfer and Returning Interest Groups (TRIGs) during the first quarter at the UW.

At the UW, students are free to make their own housing arrangements and are encouraged to choose the type of accommodations best suited to their academic and personal needs. Options include Residence Halls, Single-Student Apartments, Family Housing and off-campus housing including fraternity and sorority houses. For a review of housing options published in a previous issue of the Transfer eNewsletter, click here.


Inevitably, not all applicants will receive a positive admission decision. While this news may be difficult to accept, students should put the decision in the context of our very selective review. The UW always receives applications from more students than we can accommodate. Taking into consideration application assessment and enrollment priorities, we try to select those applicants who stood out in the assessment and look like the best fit for the University community in that particular quarter.

We cannot stress the importance of finding and truly considering other college and university options. There are many public and private institutions in Washington and around the country that students should consider early in their college search.

Given the University's commitment to community college transfers who earn academic associate's degrees and plan well for their intended majors, students who are still early in their college careers may benefit from continuing their studies and making improvements for a future application to the UW. If applicants want to have productive conversations about their admission decision and their college transfer plans, they are welcome to contact Admissions for counseling. Students who are also strongly encouraged to attend a Transfer Thursday to assist with planning that may aid in gaining admission as well as ensuring a smooth transition.

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