UW Transfer Student eNewsletter
UW Transfer Student eNewsletter
Spring 2008 | Issue No. 12 
Thinking about transferring to the UW? If you are, Transfer Thursday is your gateway to transfer information. At a Transfer Thursday session, you can speak to an admissions counselor who will tell you all about applying to the UW. You can also meet with an undergraduate academic advisor who will help you prepare for your intended UW major. Bring your questions and your unofficial transcript(s). It’s one-stop shopping for the prospective transfer student.

University of Washington
171 Mary Gates Hall

Every Thursday 1:00 - 4:00.
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For more information:
(206) 543-2550 or click here.

Megan McConnell

Jennifer Stock
Technical Producer

Kay Balston
Heather Clineschmidt
Erica Coker
Terry Hill
Cathryne Jordan
Megan McConnell
Jessica Salvador
Beth Scholler
Ann Trail
Melissa Wensel

The Transfer eNewsletter is a project of the UW Undergraduate Advising Gateway Center.
Gateway Center

171 Mary Gates Hall
Weekdays 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Selected Upcoming UW and Departmental Application Deadlines


School of Art design entrance exam (Autumn entrance)June 17, 2008
Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering (Autumn entrance)July 1, 2008
Bioengineering (Autumn entrance)July 1, 2008
Chemical Engineering (Autumn entrance)July 1, 2008
Civil & Environmental Engineering (Autumn entrance)July 1, 2008
Computer Science & Engineering (Autumn entrance)July 1, 2008
Electrical Engineering (Autumn entrance)July 1, 2008
Industrial Engineering (Autumn entrance)July 1, 2008
Materials Science & Engineering (Autumn entrance)July 1, 2008
Mechanical Engineering (Autumn entrance)July 1, 2008
Paper Science Engineering (Autumn entrance)July 1, 2008
Technical Communication (Autumn entrance)July 1, 2008
Environmental Health (Autumn entrance)July 11, 2008

The above programs require separate application to the UW for the appropriate quarter, which means the applicant would have already had to apply to the UW for Autumn quarter, since the UW application deadline has already passed.

Business School (Winter entrance)October 5, 2008

Students who applied to the UW for Autumn already or those who are applying to the UW for Winter are eligible to use this application deadline.


For longer range planning, the following are the next application deadlines for the University of Washington, Seattle.

UW Evening Degree Program, Autumn QuarterJuly 15, 2008
UW Admission, Winter QuarterSeptember 15, 2008
UW Evening Degree Program, Winter QuarterOctober 31, 2008
UW Admission, International Students (Autumn 09 entrance)January 15, 2009

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