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UW Transfer Student eNewsletter
Spring 2013 | Issue No. 24 
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Admissions Update

By Carlos Williams, Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions

When will University of Washington autumn quarter applicants receive their decisions? June - July is our official notification period. However, about 1/3 of our transfer decisions were mailed in May, and those applicants have already received their decisions. Very shortly, we will be mailing decisions to the majority of those who are still waiting. So, this seems like a good time to remind applicants and other interested people how the decision process works at the University of Washington (UW).

Many of our 5,000 autumn quarter transfer applicants wait until the February 15 deadline to hit the submit button. Once applications are received, our admissions staff begins the process of creating application files and getting them ready for review. This important step involves matching transcripts and test scores (as needed) to each application, generating a transfer GPA, and corresponding with applicants if something is missing in their application.

Staff are also making sure each applicant meets the following admissions minimums:

Meeting our minimums is not a guarantee of admission to the UW, however. The next step in the process is a holistic review of each application taking into consideration such factors as: academic performance, preparation for the major, and well-defined academic goals. For a detailed description of our comprehensive review, go to admit.washington.edu/Admission/Transfer/CompReview.

In all cases, the official offer of admission must come from UW Admissions Office. We also coordinate the review of some applications with certain departments. That's because 24 out of the approximately 160 majors on campus allow transfer students to apply to a specific major at the same time they are applying to UW Admissions. Examples of these highly competitive majors are found in the schools and colleges of Built Environments, Business, Education Engineering, Informatics, Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, and Social Work. These more selective departments that offer competitive majors often require a formal application as well as test scores, portfolio, audition, letters of recommendation, or an interview. And like general admissions, meeting minimum requirements for a competitive major does not guarantee admission.

In 15 out of 19 competitive majors within the College of Arts & Sciences, you have to wait until you are admitted into the UW before you can apply to the major. Examples of these kinds of majors include Applied Computational Mathematical Sciences, Communications, Economics, and Music. Only four majors within Arts & Sciences allow transfer students an opportunity to submit an application to the department at the same time you apply to UW Admissions. Those majors are Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Speech and Hearing Sciences. Only Computer Science, is there coordination between our office and the department. That's because they are reviewed along with the other majors in the College of Engineering.

For those applicants who apply into a competitive major, like Engineering or Architecture, more time may be needed as we wait to get input from departments before we make the final admission decision. The College of Engineering and the School of Architectural Studies do not make their decisions until July. For departments with competitive admissions, being able to manage their enrollment allows them to provide the highest quality of instruction possible.

To all those applicants who are still waiting, we appreciate your patience as we make our final admission decisions.

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