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Spring 2013 | Issue No. 24 
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The School of Public Health at UW Seattle

By Tory Brundage, Adviser & Student Outreach Coordinator, Public Health

When you last heard from us in autumn 2012, we profiled some changes to the Public Health Major and before that we gave an overview of undergraduate programs in public health at UW Seattle. Since then, the Public Health Major has grown in size while making some exciting curricular changes and the School of Public Health (SPH) has added yet another undergraduate program: the nutritional sciences minor.

The Public Health Major—Growth & Change

The Public Health Major continues to be a great fit for students passionate about the wellbeing of others and promoting conditions that enable people to lead healthy lives. The program now has more than twice as many students as it did this time last year. Additionally, the culminating Capstone experience for the degree program has undergone a transformational change. Historically the capstone centered on a lengthy literature review exploring a specific issue within public health. Now, with the help of the UW Carlson Leadership and Public Service Center, we're able to collaborate with a network of partners and make the capstone experiential and community-based. Students now complete a 20-week course with a service learning emphasis and work with organizations ranging from Highline High School to Urban Rest Stop, a day shelter for homeless individuals, as well as other sites that safely support students while they examine and push their boundaries.

The Nutritional Sciences Minor

As of spring quarter 2013 the UW School of Public Health is offering a third minor. The Nutritional Sciences Minor provides students with a foundation of knowledge in nutritional sciences, food studies, food systems, and population health. Students will examine food and nutrition practices and policies that affect sustainable diets and long term health. The minor offers a multidisciplinary perspective of the food environment, including the interplay of food and nutrition, human behavior, business, culture and the environment. If you're interested in finding out more about the minor, please contact the Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator & Minor Adviser at ugnutr@uw.edu.

More Options from the UW School of Public Health

In addition to the Public Health Major and the new Nutritional Sciences Minor, keep in mind the other programs for undergraduate study in the School of Public Health:

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