Based on the Seattle campus of the University of Washington, the UW Astrobiology (UWAB) Program supports an interdisciplinary community of around fifty graduate students, faculty members, postdocs and research scientists – who span eight astrobiology-affiliated departments in four different colleges.

UWAB is a diverse and vibrant program that contributes to the young and exciting field of astrobiology through cutting-edge research, a world-class graduate training program, and on-going education and outreach efforts.


UWAB faculty, students, and researchers from many scientific fields collaborate to explore key research areas in the interdisciplinary field of astrobiology. These areas include understanding Earth’s past environments and life, exploring life in extreme environments today, and studying the possibilities for life on within our Solar System and on extra-solar planets. MORE >

Graduate Program

For more than a decade, UWAB has been at the forefront of training the next generation of astrobiologists, and our graduates have gone on to an array of exciting, successful careers. Currently, the UWAB Graduate Program offers a rigorous Graduate Certificate in Astrobiology and a Dual-Title PhD Degree (in a home department and Astrobiology) program. MORE >

Education & Outreach

UWAB is dedicated to sharing the advances and excitement of astrobiology with a broader audience. Led by an energetic Education & Outreach Team, our program strives to provide interesting and accurate educational materials and news sources for astrobiology students, teachers, and enthusiasts at all levels. MORE >