Apply for 51 Peg b Fellowships at the University of Washington

The University of Washington hosts research efforts in exoplanet and planetary science and astrobiology, primarily within the Astronomy and Earth...

Key Building Block of Life Detected on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus

An international team, including UW Astrobiology Postdoctoral researcher Fabian Klenner, discovered phosphorus in the form of phosphates on Saturn’s icy...

Astrobiology Graduate Research Rotations Presentation

Zoom Link for Colloquium 05/16/2023 3:00pm PST Please email for zoom presentation password Miles Currie Dual-Title PhD Student Astrobiology...

Exploring the Emergence of Life: Phase Separation as a Means of Compartmentalization in Protocell Models

Zoom Link for Colloquium 05/09/2023 3:00pm PST Please email for zoom presentation password Presented By Fatma Pir Cakmak Postdoctoral...

Exploring Jezero Crater with Mastcam-Z, the Scientific Eyes of NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover

Zoom Link for Colloquium 05/02/2023 3:00pm PST Please email for zoom presentation password Presented By Melissa Rice Associate Professor...

Over the past 20 years our program has trained the next generation of astrobiologists and made significant advances in understanding how to search for life beyond the Earth. Our program offers a rigorous, interdisciplinary dual-title PhD in a home department and Astrobiology, as well as a graduate certificate in Astrobiology. Our alumni have gone on to exciting careers at universities, government labs and elsewhere. Below we showcase the achievements of students, faculty and alumni, and on other pages you can learn about how to apply to our graduate program, learn more about our research and outreach activities, and find out the latest on our colloquium series and public events.

From Our Most Recent Newsletter

Research Highlight

Our UW Astrobiology Program members have made exciting scientific discoveries and published many research updates over the past year. Prof Brook Nunn (Genome Sciences) and her colleagues recently published their work detailing how polar microbes can shed light on ways to detect potential life in icy bodies in our solar system!

Alumni Updates

The UW Astrobiology Program has graduated over 60 alumni, who have exciting careers as faculty members, scientists, university researchers, industry specialists and, entrepreneurs. They’ve all been hard at work this past year and have shared some of their achievements, awards, and scientific publications with us here.

Recent Updates