Welcome to the Autumn 2019 Autumn Astrobiology Colloquium Series!

UWAB hosts a biannual colloquium series every spring and fall, featuring speakers from both UW and other institutions presenting on a wide range of astrobiology related topics. Here, you can find the schedule for upcoming colloquia and seminars, as well as an archive of abstracts and live recordings of past events.  

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**All Presentations this Quarter will be Held on Tuesdays at 3pm in the Physics and Astronomy Auditorium (PAA) Room A102**

Date Speaker Title of Talk
10/8/2019Adam Frank
University of Rochester
Blowing Away Exoplanets: The Photo-evaporation of Planetary Atmospheres
10/15/2019Andrew Rushby
University of California, Irvine
Effects of Land Coverage and Host Star Spectral Energy Distribution on the Planetary Albedo of Terrestrial Worlds
10/22/2019Daniella Scalice
NASA Astrobiology Program and
Carlos Chavez
Oregon Department of Education
Decolonizing STEM Education for Indigenous Youth
10/29/2019Max Showalter
University of Washington, Oceanography
Andrew Lincowski
University of Washington, Astronomy
Modeling Virus-Host Dynamics in Ice

The Carbon Cycle for Ocean Worlds
11/5/2019Morgan Cable
Exploring Ocean Worlds: Prebiotic and Astrobiology Implications
11/12/2019Diana Windemuth and Jacob Lustig-Yaeger
University of Washington, Astronomy
Lauren O'Neil
University of Washington, Earth & Space Sciences
Using Mass and Colour to Optimize Targets for Exo-Earth Spectral Characterization with NASA’s LUVOIR Telescope Concept

The Anticipated Yield of Earth-like Exoplanet Spectra with NASA’s LUVOIR Telescope Concept

Carbon Isotopes in the Noonday Dolomite
11/19/2019Janusz Petkowski
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mapping Biochemical Space to Search for Life Beyond Earth
12/3/2019David Gire
University of Washington, Pyschology


Brook Nunn
University of Washington, Genome Sciences
Studying an Ancient Sensory System to Develop General Principles for the Evolution of Complex Behavior

Proteomic Mass spectrometry: Searching for Protein Signatures Indicative of Sustained Life in Ice

Archived Presentations:

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