Welcome to the Autumn 2020 Astrobiology Colloquium Series!

UWAB hosts a biannual colloquium series every spring and fall, featuring speakers from both UW and other institutions presenting on a wide range of astrobiology related topics. Here, you can find the schedule for upcoming colloquia and seminars, as well as an archive of abstracts and live recordings of past events.  

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**Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Autumn 2020 Colloquium Series will be conducted remotely. There will be no in-person presentation, meetings, or receptions held on campus. All presentations will be live streamed via Zoom and (when permitted by the speaker) recorded and posted to our YouTube channel**

Date Speaker Title of Talk
10/13/2020Roger Buick
University of Washington, Earth & Space Sciences Dept.
Has Evidence of Fossil Microbial Life Been Detected Already on Mars?
10/20/2020Addien Wray
University of Washington, Earth & Space Sciences Dept.
A Foray into Virology: Examining the Adaptive Advantages of Lysogenesis in SAR11 Bacteria
10/27/2020Tiffany Kataria
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Exoplanet Discovery and Science
Understanding the Origin of Life on Exoplanets
11/10/2020Kurt Konhauser
University of Alberta, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Acid Weathering, Clay Transport and Enhanced Phosphate Supply to Early Paleoproterozoic Oceans Following the Great Oxidation Event
11/17/2020Rajdeep Dasgupta
Rice University, Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
11/24/2020Anitra Ingalls
University of Washington, School of Oceanography
Mass Spectrometers View of Microbial Life on Ocean Worlds
12/1/2020Giada Arney
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Planetary Studies Division
Venus: The Exoplanet Next Door

Live Streaming Presentations:

Beginning in Spring 2020 we have resumed live streaming of the UW Astrobiology Colloquium presentations! To access the live stream each week use this link:


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Please be aware that the talks in our colloquium series are scientific presentations geared towards the Astrobiology Community. Members of public are welcome to join us, but we will not ask our speakers to go out of their way to make their presentations accessible, or easy to understand, to the non-scientific community.

Archived Presentations:

Missed a video in the last seminar series? See our archive for abstracts and video recordings of past talks from 2003 – 2018, and our YouTube channel for all recorded presentations since then!