So You’re Interested In Teaching Astrobiology?

Welcome to the club! Astrobiology is a growing and vibrant field that aims to address some of the most fundamental scientific questions about the origin, evolution, and future of life in the universe.

As a highly interdisciplinary field, astrobiology is a particularly effective avenue for introducing students to a wide variety of scientific and engineering disciplines such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, environmental sciences, and aeronautics. By focusing on topics such as space exploration and the search of life in extreme (perhaps extraterrestrial) environments, astrobiology has a natural tendency to inspire and foster students’ enthusiasm in science and learning in general.

To support the growing community of astrobiology educators, the UWAB Education & Outreach Team has established this archive of teaching-and-learning materials. Some of these resources were developed by UW Astrobiology faculty and graduate students – including the UWAB Astrobiology Lab Manual – while others were collected from other sources. Similarly, some materials provide the basis for ready-to-use astrobiology courses or lessons, while others are intended to help you incorporate astrobiology-related projects and materials into an exciting curriculum.

We have loosely organized these materials by target audience, but don’t be shy about exploring all the options. There are many potential uses for these resources at every level.

If you would like more information about our astrobiology outreach activities or would be interested in having a UW astrobiologist visit your classroom, professional meeting, or other organization, contact the UWAB Education & Outreach team at: