Graduate Student, Oceanography

AB Degree Track
Dual-Title PhD

Faculty Advisor
Jodi Young

Life in Extreme Environments


OSB 508

Susan Rundell

Susan completed her undergraduate work at Yale University where she majored in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. While there she worked as a Research Assistant at the Yale Center for Molecular Discovery

She also spent her time researching with the Strobel Lab, the Organization for Tropical Studies, Chitwood Lab, and the Yale Center for Molecular Discovery.

This month she will be taking part in a research trip to Antarctica, where her team will be studying tradeoffs made by sea ice algae responding to changing environmental conditions during the spring ice melt.

While her own research will focus on the diversity and kinetics of algal Rubisco, the enzyme responsible for carbon fixation in photosynthesis. Outside of her research you might be interested to know that she enjoys tabletop games, pub trivia, and scuba diving!

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