Healthy Aging Research Network Archives

Healthy Aging Research NetworkOriginally established in 2001 as a collaboration of the CDC Prevention Research Centers Program, the CDC Healthy Aging Research Network (HAN) brought together diverse communities and multi-disciplinary expertise from across the country to identify and address health promotion needs for healthy aging, with particular focus on populations that bear a disproportionate burden of illness and disease.

HAN’s core academic centers were funded by the CDC Healthy Aging Program (now called the CDC Alzheimer’s Disease and Healthy Aging Program) through September 2014. Strong partnerships at local, regional and national levels were fundamental to HAN’s successes. Through these partnerships, HAN delivered on a mission to:

  • better understand the determinants of healthy aging in diverse populations and settings;
  • identify, develop and evaluate programs and policies that promote healthy aging; and
  • translate and disseminate research into effective and sustainable public health programs and policies throughout the nation.

The following tools and resources were developed by HAN and are available for public use:

Environment and Policy Change

Environmental Audit Tools and Protocols

Environmental Audit Tool Overview

Environmental Audit Tool General Instructions

Environmental Audit Planning Form

Environmental Audit Planning Form (Word doc download)

Environmental Audit Segment with Full Destination Queries

Environmental Audit Segment with Full Destination Queries (Word doc download)

Environmental Audit Segment – Brief

Environmental Audit Segment – Brief (Word doc download)

Environmental Audit Tool – Intersection

Environmental Audit Tool – Intersection (Word doc download)

Environmental Audit Tracking Form

Environmental Audit Tracking Form (Word doc download)

Environmental Audit Reporting & Scoring

Environmental Audit Reporting & Scoring (Word doc download)

Action Briefs

Optimal Living: Promising Strategies

Optimal Living: Frameworks to Guide Change

Optimal Living: Getting Around

Optimal Living: Home Environments

Community Wayfinding

Pathways to Better Community Wayfinding (Dec 2013) ZIP file download

Community Wayfinding Practice and Policy Compendium (Nov 2013 revision)

Neighborhood Wayfinding: A Pocket Guide

The Neighborhood Wayfinding Assessment Pocket Guide: Supplemental Information

Environment and Policy Change Clearinghouse at AARP Livable Communities

Through agreement between AARP Livable Communities and the CDC-HAN, EPC Clearinghouse resources have been integrated into the AARP Livable Communities Resource Hub – go here.