June 7, 2022

Student Honored in Husky 100 during 2022

Rachel Seymour

Each year, UW recognizes 100 undergraduate and graduate students who are making the most of their time at the university. We are excited to share that one of the students supporting the center’s work has been named to the Husky 100 — Sheharbano Jafry. She is a third-year undergraduate, who has been supporting the information navigator blog as part of the Partnership for Vaccine Confidence project.

October 29, 2021

New COVID-19 Information Training Supports Bilingual Community Members

Rachel Seymour

In a collaborative effort to increase vaccination rates, the Partnership for Vaccine Confidence team is offering a free training for bilingual and multilingual community members to learn how they can share accurate COVID-19 health information with their language communities and help save lives.

May 13, 2021

Collaborating to Increase King County Vaccination Rates

Rachel Seymour

COVID vaccine vials

The University of Washington Health Promotion Research Center (UW HPRC) is working to increase vaccination rates for underserved communities within King County, Washington. This project will specifically include Latino, Black, and immigrant multigenerational households with elders and adults working in essential industries.