Update to WSliq Software for Soil Liquefaction Hazard Evaluation

This project is updating and extending the capabilities of a computer program, WSliq, for evaluating soil liquefaction hazards.  Probabilistic liquefaction hazard analysis (PLHA), developed previously for WSDOT and implemented in WSliq, has been recognized as an improved procedure for evaluating potential hazards from liquefaction.  PLHA considers all peak ground surface acceleration and magnitude levels based on site-specific ground motion hazard data and weights the contributions of all according to their joint probability of occurrence.  In doing so, it considers all possible earthquake scenarios and allows designs based on consistent likelihoods of triggering at all locations within the state. Because a number of changes have occurred in the geotechnical profession’s understanding and treatment of liquefaction since the development of WSliq, this project is developing, implementing, and testing new PLHA procedures and updating the WSliq program to incorporate the resulting improvements.

Principal Investigator: Steven Kramer, Civil and Environmental Engineering, UW
Sponsor: WSDOT
WSDOT Technical Monitor: Tony Allen
WSDOT Project Manager: Jon Peterson
Scheduled completion: December 2023