Webinar Wednesdays

WSDOT’s Research & Library Services Office hosts Webinar Wednesdays, a series of bimonthly, one-hour webinars highlighting WSDOT research results. Each webinar showcases a research project whose results could eventually be implemented statewide or in other states. Audiences are able to ask questions and engage in real-time discussions with the presenters.  Webinars are usually on the third Wednesday of February, April, June, August, October, and December.

Since March 2017 this program has covered a wide range of transportation topics, from engineering to the environment, construction to conservation, and policy to preservation. It has proved to be very successful, drawing participants from around the country and internationally.


For questions or to join the mailing list:
Kathy Szolomayer, Technology Transfer and Implementation Manager
Mike Wendt, Research/Reference Librarian

Previously Recorded Webinars

Access a complete menu of previously recorded webinars, hosted on GoToStage.com.

Below are the webinars recorded to date:

Long-Term Performance of Shotcrete-Concrete Inferface Bonds
Tidal Fish Passage and Estuarine Habitat Connectivity
Environmental DNA; From Knowledge to Action for Management
Innovating on the Job: WSDOT’s Extendable Front Snowplow
Stream Simulation Culvert Beds: Design Recommendations to Improve Channel Stability
Forensic Evaluations: Listen to What Our Pavements Are Telling Us
Effects of Mega Earthquakes on Bridges Based on a Study in Washington State
Development of a Truck Parking Information Management System Using Artificial Intelligence in Washington State
A Washington Plant Guide for the 21st Century: Improving Species Distribution Maps for Washington’s Vascular Plant Species
The Interconnected Agency: Designing for Agility and a Digital Future
MASH: Assessing Roadside Safety Hardware
Got Roadside? Visualizing Roadsides as Transportation Assets
ChargeEval: A Tool for Evaluating Electric Vehicle Charing along Highway Corridors
Recent Innovations in WSDOT Concrete Bridge Decks and Overlays
This Book is a Bridge!
OpenSidewalks and Resilient Cities: a Pedestrian-Centric Approach
Big Data in Transportation: Promises, Issues, and Solutions
Monitoring Amphibian Movements in the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass Project
Title VI Environmental Justice Community Engagement
Ground Penetrating Radar for Hot Mix Asphalt in-Place Density
Sugar Access: Understanding Accessibility
Linear Scheduling: What Is It?
Transportation Systems Management and Operations
WSDOT LiDAR: An Efficient Geospatial Data Acquisition Technology
Innovation in Action: Cooperative Automated Transportation (CAT) at WSDOT
Stormwater Infiltration Highway Embankments: Estimating Ksat for Infiltration Assessment
R3 Rapid Road Rehabilitation
WSDOT’s Flexible Bridge
Pollinator Research and WSDOT Pollinator Initiatives
Road User Charges
Wildlife Passage
Concrete Filled Steel Tubes: Innovations in Bridge Engineering
Pre- and Post-Construction Monitoring for American Pika Connectivity across I-90
Media Filter Drains