Research Preparation

Proposal Production

The University of Washington and WSDOT require all Principal Investigators and Project Managers to follow a specified procedure to produce proposals with TRAC. Below find information about

Helpful Documents
Subcontract Information
Proposal Preparation Process


Coordination and production: Amy O’Brien 206.685.2644

Budget information: Julie Angeley 206.543.3341

Tracking: Lan Yu 206.543.3337

Information about TRAC, contracting agencies, RFPs, and upcoming research possibilities: Mark Hallenbeck 206.543.6261, Anne Freeman 360.705.7945

Helpful Documents

The following proposal-related documents are available:

WSDOT Research Contract Scope of Work Preparation Guide (2018)
This document provides WSDOT’s proposal requirements.

TRAC Guide to Proposal Preparation Services
This pdf document outlines the TRAC proposal preparation process.

*Windows users: right-click to save the file to your computer

Proposal Budget Worksheet (SAGE)
SAGE Budget enables you to create accurate, detailed budgets for your grant and contract proposals. An easy-to-use wizard expedites budget set-up; the comprehensive budget worksheet minimizes errors and improves data quality. SAGE Budget automatically populates your budget with real-time salary and benefits information, calculates budget totals for each period, and identifies the correct facilities and administration (F&A) rate.

For more information, see SAGE Budget Worksheet Overview and Navigation and SAGE User Guides.

TRAC will do the following:

  • provide an Excel budget template upon request
  • review and refine SAGE budgets before forwarding them to the research sponsor
  • work with principal investigators, sponsors, and OSP to submit eGC1s and budgets as quickly and accurately as possible.

Need help? Call or email Malorie Stites at 206.543.3337.

Subcontract Information

For subcontracts, the following information will be needed in your proposal:

Name of subcontracting company and address
Scope of Work
Letter of Commitment
Subcontractor’s contact information for negotiations with UW (name, phone number and email address)

Note: you may also need the subcontractor staff’s resumes and qualifications (please check granting agency’s instructions).

The Proposal Preparation Process

We have extensive experience in proposal production and have implemented systems for producing them consistently and efficiently.

  • Important for WSDOT proposals: 
    WSDOT requires that TRAC review and process all university proposals to the DOT.
    WSDOT requires a draft proposal to review before it will sign off on a final proposal.
  1. The proposal coordinator accepts and tracks your electronic proposal text, graphics, budget information and other necessary material.
  2. The budget analyst helps you create your budget or reviews your estimate to ensure that it meets the contracting agency, university, and TRAC’s requirements. TRAC will provide an Excel budget template upon request, and will help you review and refine SAGE budgets.
  3. The editor checks for compliance with the contracting agency’s requirements and may also edit for clarity, conciseness, grammar, and punctuation. You may request a more or less comprehensive level of edit, depending on your needs.
  4. Your text is formatted to the contracting agency’s specifications by using standardized electronic style sheets. This ensures that TRAC proposals are uniform, readable, and professional looking.
  5. The coordinator returns the marked-up proposal to you for revision and approval.
  6. TRAC prepares the signature pages and eGC-1 for final proposals.