Harborview Abuse & Trauma Center

Education Forum

These FREE trainings are offered by the Harborview Abuse & Trauma Center. Designed for social service & mental health providers, topics are related to abuse, violence, trauma, treatment, cultural competency and prevention. For OCVA funded programs, these trainings satisfy the requirements for sexual assault and/or crime victims training. Proof of attendance will be provided.

2024 Education Forum


06/14/2024Preventing Sexual Violence in Washington State Middle Schools[Flyer][Slide Deck][Handout]
05/10/2024Aunties Are a Game Changer-How Indigenous Love Heals Historical Trauma[Flyer][Slide Deck]
03/08/2024STIM AS’PUS: WHAT’S IN YOUR HEART?[Flyer][Slide Deck]
02/09/2024Building Capacity with Youth Leaders to Prevent Gender Based violence [Flyer][Slide Deck]
01/12/2024Be Real[Flyer][Slide Deck]
12/08/2023Fatphobia and Rape Culture[Flyer]