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CIC Training

The CIC administrative staff offers training each quarter to new CIC TAs. Sessions include both hands-on practice with tools available in our labs and discussion of how TAs can use technology to advance pedagogical goals. During training, instructors will have an opportunity to develop, present, and receive feedback on a computer-integrated activity they plan to use in their upcoming courses.



On-Site Support

During the first two weeks of each quarter, CIC administrative staff members provide technical support for all classes taught in the computer labs. Our goals is to help ease your transition into computer-integrated instruction. We help students with technical difficulties so that you can concentrate on teaching. After the second week of the quarter, we are available by phone and email. However, we encourage you to invite us to your class any time you're using a new tool. We're also pleased to discuss ideas and offer feedback on teaching materials during our office hours. A staff member is typically on duty M-TH from 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Our office hours are posted above the phones in both lab classrooms.

CIC Staff Contact Information




All new CIC TAs will have the opportunity to have their courses observed by a member of the CIC administrative staff. The CIC Director or an AD will contact instructors sometime between the fourth and fifth weeks of the quarter to arrange an observation time. The observation includes a follow-up discussion and a written report filed with the EWP program. We view the observation as a mentoring exercise rather than an evaluation. We'll discuss your perspective on your course, exchange ideas about upcoming course activities and help you set goals for future technology-integrated teaching.



Student Lab Assistants

After CIC classes conclude for the day, the Mary Gates 076 lab opens for public hours. Trained Student Lab Assistants staff the lab during these hours. In addition to helping students, they are available to help you with any technical problems that arise as you prepare course materials. You may also choose to hold occasional office hours in the 076 lab to take advantage of the Lab Assitants' support. Lab hours are posted on the boards in Mary Gates 082 and 076. They are also listed on the CIC lab page.



Catalyst Workshops

Although CIC training workshops are designed to acquaint you will the programs and tools you will use most often in your CIC courses, we cannot cover everything. For example, we don't routinely train instructors in web authoring, media file streaming or creating course wikis. We also do not discuss in depth all the web-based Catalyst course tools available through Learning & Scholarly Technologies. As you develop your CIC course, we can discuss how you might use specific tools to facilitate various course activities. You may also want to attend free workshops offered by UW Learning & Scholarly Technologies (LST). In addition to workshops on Catalyst tools, LST offers instruction in web publishing, digital video, graphics and presentations, and other topics. LST's web site contains a schedule and descriptions of all workshops. The site also features a series of teaching guides for effective use of Catalyst tools and interviews with instructors who have successfully used the tools in their courses.