Aim for Healthy Choices

CONCEPT: What is the PKU Diet?



Learn about the PKU Food Bull's Eye, a tool for making healthy food choices for PKU management.



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • identify "yes" and "no" foods and where they would be placed on the PKU Food Bull's Eye
  • design a Food Pyramid or Bull's Eye that includes their favorite foods



  1. Discuss the PKU Food Bull's Eye .

    • Hold up the picture of the PKU Food Bull's Eye . Explain: "This is a bull's eye.
    • The bull's eye helps us decide which foods are good for us and which foods are not.
    • The foods that are good for us are in the middle of the bull's eye. Formula is in the very center of the bull's eye because it is very good for us. It keeps us strong and healthy.
    • As foods get farther away from the center of the bull's eye, they are higher in phe.
    • The foods that are not good for us are outside the bull's eye. These are "no" foods."
  2. Play the Bull's Eye game.

    Explain: "We are going to play a game with the Food Bull's Eye. I'll hold up pictures of foods and you decide where they go. If they are "yes" foods, they go on the bull's eye. If they are "no" foods, they go off the bull's eye." (Do a practice food for an example.)

    Go around the table, allowing each child to identify at least one food as a "yes" or "no" food. Have them tape the food in the appropriate spot on a large blank bull's eye.
  3. Create your own Food Bull's Eye.
    The children can create their own PKU Food Bull's Eye by pasting or drawing pictures of their favorite foods onto the appropriate sections of a blank bull's eye.



Continue this discussion at home. Put the PKU Food Bull's Eye on your refrigerator so that your child can learn to look at it and use it to help make healthy food choices.



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