Daniel Hewat

Daniel Hewat

Artist Statement

To transform land is to manipulate a given set of parameters in accordance to desired proportions and designed outcomes.  To be transformed by land is to be moved beyond aesthetics; to be enveloped in your surroundings; a shift. A perceptual change, beyond material, beyond splendor, and beyond the romance of finding new places.  A shift that culminates with the creation of affection bonds, emphasizing particular characteristics that echo beyond place and time; revealing place as a reflection of time, scale, proportion, and light.

My work investigates phenomena, topography, social dynamics, and abstracts notions of how place can be transformative; allowing access to the unachievable or unattainable gives access to how I perceive place and the process of distilling attributes to the essence of place.  Sculpture and installation provide physical embodiments of place abstractions, configurations that question the body, scale, and environment.

With a homogeneous influence that references felt experience transpiring in built and natural environments, these connections between the two allow for me to synthesize the connection and reflection of one in the other.  Similar to how photography allows for memory of place, time and light to be encapsulated in image, my work is photographic in the sense that memories echo my experience of place through experience and immersion in curated spaces.

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  • MFA, University of Washington, Seattle, 2018
  • BFA, University of North Carolina, Charlotte



  • Top Scholar Recruitment Award



  • Doug Jeck, chair (3D4M)
  • Lynne Manzo (Landscape Architecture)
  • Amie McNeel (3D4M)
  • Jamie Walker (3D4M)
  • A Voluptuous Surrender by Daniel Hewat
  • A Voluptuous Surrender by Daniel Hewat
  • A Voluptuous Surrender by Daniel Hewat
  • A Voluptuous Surrender by Daniel Hewat
  • Envelope by Daniel Hewat
  • Threshold by Daniel Hewat
  • Hammer Time by Daniel Hewat