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DigiSites 2012


DigiSites is an activity for ALL TRIO students to introduce them to the challenges of conducting and expressing solid academic research on the web.
Submissions Closed

We celebrate the excellent work of programs and students who participated in TRIO Quest. The last competition was held in 2012. Please enjoy viewing the winning entries

Qualities and Requirements

For complete guidelines please download the TRIO Quest Rules, DigiSites Rules, Rubric, and Winning Tips.

  • A coach or one registered student per team must complete an online form AND provide a URL to submit a site by the deadline
  • All submitted websites must include evidence of Project Management as indicated by the Rubric
  • The site must be an appropriate educational site and must not contain objectionable material for viewing by students in any TRIO Program. Programs must monitor the selection of topics and review written content and media to assure that the diverse values and cultures represented in TRIO are respected
  • The site must clearly indicate the educational objectives or purpose of the site and indicate the intended audience
  • NEW: For students under 18, a parental permission form must be kept by the program which states that a student's last name can be listed on the entry and the submission form IF last names are used in the entry.
  • The site storage limit is 100 Mb/site
  • Web pages posted on Google Sites may not contain any commercial content that promotes the sale of a product or service. Commercial content includes but is not limited to logos, brand names, slogans, text, images, videos, or any type of multimedia file(s). For materials used as supplemental links within a Google Sites' entry, it is the program's responsibility to assure the appropriateness of any commercial content of this supplemental material
  • Websites may not contain any social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that is inappropriate in content and/or language and must not contain objectionable materials. Programs must monitor and edit all social media and take responsibility for the content presented on a TRIO Site entry
  • Teams are encouraged to test their Websites on a variety of machines and browsers

Intellectual Honesty

  • Each source must be quoted and/or parenthetically cited on the page in which it appears AND linked to a full citation on a reference page
  • Original material is rewarded. All text, lyrics, photographs, graphics, sound, music, animations, or video taken from another source must be cited and applied to Fair Use Best Practices (see DigiSites Rules)