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Students interested in living in accessible spaces in UW Housing must complete both a myDRS Application and the online DRS Disability Housing & Medical Dietary Request. Requests need to be made in accordance with the Deadlines for Housing Accommodations. Accommodation requests submitted after a deadline will be processed on a space available basis and will include a wait list.

Accommodations in housing are approved on a case by case basis and are dependent on the nature of the disability and/or health condition as well as the impact in the on campus  living environment. DRS works in partnership with UW Housing & Food Services to provide accommodations that meet individual student needs.

Steps to Receive Housing Accommodations

*Be aware of the UW Housing Accommodation Deadlines for accommodation requests submitted after these dates will be processed on a space available basis and may include a wait list.

  1. Apply for UW housing
  2. Register with Disability Resources for Students (DRS)
  3. DRS reviews application and request and will contact you if more information is needed
  4. DRS notifies you via email of approved housing accommodations
  5. DRS partners with UW Housing & Food Services (HFS) for room assignment based on space availability, housing contract type (9 vs 12 month, family housing) and approved accommodations.
    • Students will be notified by HFS of their housing assignments per UW Housing Important Dates. (Late July or early August for Autumn)

Examples of Possible Housing Accommodations:

  • Wheelchair accessible room with private bath
  • Room equipped with a visual fire alert
  • Medical related dietary consult
  • Single room options
  • Special bathroom needs
  • Furniture adjustments

Medical Related Dietary Restrictions

The process for Medical Related Dietary Requests (MRDR) accommodations are done in partnership with UW Housing & Food Services (HFS), once a student has completed the steps outlined above:

  • Once an accommodation is approved, DRS informs HFS of the need for a MRDR Consult with UW Dining Staff
  • HFS connects with the student to scheduled a consult.  A consult is a meeting with UW Food Services to discuss needs, learn how to access and food and eat safely on campus.
    • For students starting in Autumn quarter these MRDR consult are typically scheduled starting in June and through August
    • MRDR Consults are a meeting with UW Food Services staff located on the part of campus a student will be living, a tour of the dining facility, information about special ordering options and the UW District Market
  • UW Food Services will notify DRS if any additional modifications to the HFS accommodation plan are needed after the MRDR Consult

If you want to find a roommate with similar needs (i.e. peanut allergies) you are encouraged to review UW Housing roommates page. If you find a roommate after submitting your UW Housing application, you may edit your preferences in the housing application until June 30.

Emotional Support Animal

Emotional support Animals (ESA) are an accommodation approved by DRS for UW Housing & Food Services. DRS and HFS partner in the approval process before the animal is allowed in a residence.  The steps in the process include:

  • Complete the DRS process to get started, including submitting documentation, that includes a diagnosis of a health condition/and or disability that speaks to how the animal is apart of the treatment plan with approving provider.
  • If you have roommates, HFS will need to speak to them and potentially relocate someone (can be student with animal or roommate) if there are concerns
  • Meeting with Resident Life Staff to go over HFS animal care expectations
  • Submit a vet report of good health/vaccination to DRS
  • Final approval given for animal to come into residence by UW HFS

Things to note about Emotional Support Animals

  • HFS may need to alter housing assignments based on the size of an animal/or if the space is not appropriate
  • An ESA must be housebroken and under owners control (voice or tether) at all times
  • If a specific ESA is a health and or safety risk HFS can have the animal removed

Frequently Asked Housing Accommodation Questions

Can DRS waive termination or other HFS housing fees as an accommodation? No. Students seeking Housing Waivers need to complete the HFS outline process: https://www.hfs.washington.edu/housing/waiver/

Do I need to complete more than just the housing application to received housing disability accommodations? Yes. The process for requesting disability accommodations is separate from the UW housing application process. Student need to first apply for UW housing and then request housing accommodations.

Can DRS give students priority in housing assignments. No. Housing applications with disability accommodations requested by the listed deadlines receive priority in assignments. Applications submitted, with accommodations requested, after the deadline(s) will be assigned on a space available bases and may include a wait list. The exception is Family Housing.

How does Family Housing priority work?  Students with disabilities in family housing needs can request to be placed in 1st priority category. The reason why family housing on campus is needed based on the disability and or health condition will need to be stated.

Can dependents and/or family of UW students living in family housing request housing accommodations? Yes.  The UW student works with DRS to make the housing request for the duration they are living in residence.

When do I request housing accommodations? The process for requesting housing accommodations is separate from requesting academic and classroom accommodations, but they can be done at the same time if submitting request early. Housing accommodations need to be submitted per the posted UW Housing Accommodations Deadlines.

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