Disability Resources for Students

Disability Parking

Disability Parking is an accommodation that allows the student to purchase a long-term Disability Parking Permit for an assigned lot on the relevant campus through the relevant campus Transportation Services office. It is approved by DRS to support campus access for students requiring assistance to physically access/navigate campus. Parking requirements will vary by campus and students will get specific campus information from each DRS office.

What to Submit

To establish the need for disability parking, one of the following types of documents can be submitted:

  • Copy of State Disability Placard
  • Copy of State Disability ID Card
  • DRS Healthcare Provider Form
  • Qualified provider’s professional letterhead
  • Official visit summary, such as emergency department discharge papers

If the need for Disability Parking is short-term (six weeks or less) then the student can work directly with relevant campus Transportation Services to obtain a disability parking permit for that time period. The student will need to present Transportation Services with proof of the need for a short-term disability parking permit.

Student Responsibilities

  • Upon approval of Disability Parking, the student needs to visit the Transportation Services office in person to purchase the long-term disability parking permit. Vehicle registration is required to purchase a permit.
  • Discuss any concerns regarding this accommodation with the assigned DRS Coordinator.

DRS Responsibilities

  • Upon approval of Disability Parking, DRS will communicate to relevant campus Transportation Services office.
  • Updating student profile in myDRS and communicate to student next steps based on campus.


Students approved for Disability Parking may find the following resources helpful in locating the Transportation Services office and determining which parking options best meet their access needs.

Parking at the University of Washington

Employee & Student Parking Permits

UW ADA Access Guide

UW Campus Mobility Route Map

Link to myDRS Student Guide

(Updated 1/2020)