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Disability-Related Absences

A Disability-Related Absence is when a student is absent due to the direct effects of a documented disability. Students with this accommodation have disabilities which are episodic in nature and may have impact their participation in class. This accommodation is approved in conjunction with the University of Washington’s student participation policy (University Policies: Student Governance and Policies, Scholastic Regulations: Chapter 117).

This accommodation can be implemented differently in each course as the essential elements and design of a course must be taken into consideration. To determine the specific course parameters, the DRS Disability Related Absences Agreement should be completed by faculty and student by the 2nd week, or as soon as possible in the quarter. DRS can be engaged to help facilitate a conversation to determine the specific course parameters put in the agreement. This agreement does not apply to absences for other reasons.

Student Responsibilities

  • Activate accommodation by checking the appropriate box in student myDRS profile per the services timeline OR as soon as possible once approved by the DRS Coordinator.
  • Review the Disability Related Absences Agreement (DRA).
  • Schedule and communicate with the faculty, and DRS if needed, to establish the specific course parameters and agreements.
  • Once parameters and expectations are set student and faculty complete the DRA form.
  • Once completed, the student/faculty will provide a copy to the DRS office and staff will upload to myDRS.
  • Discuss any concerns with the assigned DRS Coordinator.

DRS Responsibilities

  • Facilitate, as requested or needed, discussions between the student and faculty in order to complete the Disability Related Absence Agreement.
  • If there are concerns from faculty, make a determination of a reasonable accommodation without compromising essential elements of instruction.
  • Upload agreements to myDRS.
  • Should there be a disagreement later in the quarter, DRS staff will review DRS (agreement) and DRS staff will schedule a meeting with faculty and student to review and determine outcome.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Participate in discussion with the student, and DRS staff, around expectations and details regarding absences, and complete DRA form.
  • Implement activated accommodations in a timely manner, consult with DRS as needed.
  • Communicate with DRS staff if it appears that student is not meeting agreed standards regarding absences.


Students approved for disability-related absences may find the following links useful.

University Policies: Student Governance and Policies, Scholastic Regulations: Chapter 117

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(Updated 1/2020)