Disability Resources for Students


Dial-A-Ride (Seattle campus only) is a free shared-ride service that operates Monday to Friday, excluding University holidays. This accommodation is approved by DRS on an individual basis through an interactive process between DRS and the student. It must be supported by the documented effects of the student’s disability. It is approved by DRS to support campus access for students requiring assistance to physically access/navigate campus. Dial-A-Ride is coordinated by Commuter Services. Upon approval, the student will begin working with Dial-A-Ride according to their procedures to coordinate rides on a regularly scheduled or as-needed basis.

If the need for Dial-A-Ride is short-term (six weeks or less) then the student can work directly with the service to set up rides for that time period. The student will need to contact Dial-A-Ride directly to complete enrollment in the service and schedule rides.

To establish the need for Dial-A-Ride, one of the following types of documents can be submitted:

  • Copy of State Disability Placard
  • Copy of State Disability ID Card
  • DRS Healthcare Provider Form
  • Qualified provider’s professional letterhead
  • Official visit summary, such as emergency department discharge papers

Student Responsibilities

  • Upon approval of Dial-A-Ride, the student needs to contact Dial-A-Ride to complete enrollment in the service and schedule their first ride(s).
  • Discuss any questions or concerns with their DRS Coordinator.

DRS Responsibilities

  • Upon approval of accommodation, DRS will submit an approval form directly to Dial-A-Ride. Once submitted, the approval form is typically processed within 2-3 business days. Student will be notified by Commuter Services.


Students approved for Dial-A-Ride may find the following resources helpful in enrolling with the service and determining which Dial-A-Ride stops best meet their access needs.

Dial-A-Ride homepage

UW ADA Access Guide

UW Campus Mobility Route Map

Link to myDRS Student Guide

(Updated 1/2020)