Disability Resources for Students

Priority Registration

Priority Registration is an accommodation that gives eligible undergraduate students access to register for courses on the earliest possible date. Graduate or professional students who may need access to earlier registration should work with their DRS Coordinator and program/department to coordinate that.

Current/continuing students approved for priority registration are able to register for courses on the first day of Period I registration. New/incoming students approved for this accommodation will not be able to register before their Advising & Orientation session, but will have priority registration activated for them in the following quarters. Priority registration does not exempt the student from other course registration restrictions such as prerequisites, membership in the department/program, class enrollment limits, primary campus assignment, etc.

Student Responsibilities

  • Register for courses per the Period I registration parameters and following the normal registration steps.
  • Be aware of their registration date. The exact registration date for a given quarter can be looked up on a student’s registration page in myUW or on the Academic Calendar.
  • If unable to register for classes on the first day of Period I registration, contact DRS as soon as possible to troubleshoot the issue.
  • Discuss any concerns regarding this accommodation with assigned DRS Coordinator.

DRS Responsibilities

  • Input appropriate code in the University’s student database for registration.
  • If issues arise, work with other units to determine and resolve relevant barriers (Financial Aid, Registrar, etc.)


The following resources can help students approved for Priority Registration determine their registration date(s) and understand how to register for classes.

Academic Calendar

Explanation of Registration Periods

Explanation of UW Registration Process

Course Registration Instructions

Link to myDRS Student Guide

(Updated 1/2020)