Disability Resources for Students

Notetaking Services

Notetaking services are approved to provide access to a record of presented information in a course for students whose documented disability affects their ability to document their own record. Students will be provided a variety of technologies (i.e. SmartPens, Sonocent, etc.) and tools through this accommodation based on the nature of courses and students access needs.

Students eligible to activate notetaking services may also be eligible to record class audio and/or obtain copies of displayed lecture materials, such as PowerPoint slides and prepared lecture exhibits or handouts, if they are not already being provided to the whole class. Faculty personal lecture notes are not included. If approved, the instructor is responsible for providing these materials in a timely manner upon the request. DRS can help facilitate obtaining these materials from the instructor as needed.

Based on the nature of a course or program, the utilization of the collection of approved accommodations for obtaining a record of class can be used differently. In some courses, a record of class may be obtained through audio recordings and a PowerPoint slide deck, whereas in other courses the use of Sonocent (notetaking software) provides the most effective method.

There are times when specific notetaking services may not be a reasonable accommodation based on the course format(s) or course environment. If this is a concern, DRS will partner with the course faculty and student to evaluate this on a course-by-course basis and determine an effective alternative.

The notes and/or record of lecture materials provided are not meant to be a replacement for a student’s own documentation of presented material or a substitute for class attendance. Students should still take their own class notes to the extent possible, unless unable to do so due to the effects of a disability.

Since notes and/or record of lecture materials is an approved disability-related accommodation, these can only be provided for absences that are related to a documented disability (see Disability Related Course Absences). Students who miss class for reasons that are not disability-related should obtain course information from a classmate, like any other student in this circumstance.

Students requiring notes and/or record of lecture materials in an approved alternate format must follow the procedure outlined in Accessible Instructional Materials.

Student Responsibilities

  • Activate accommodation by checking the appropriate box in student myDRS profile per the services timeline OR as soon as possible once approved by the DRS Coordinator.
  • Submit confirmation requests in myDRS when asked if still needed.
  • Late requests will be processed in the order received and only up through the 5th week of the quarter when other alternatives will be explored.
  • Changes to notetaking requests due to schedule revisions or the cancellation of notetaking services, should be reported to DRS as soon as possible to be processed in a timely manner.
  • If eligible for copies of lecture materials, discuss the method of delivery of these materials with the faculty.
  • Log into myDRS to view/download course notes.
  • Download course notes through myDRS profile.
  • If notes are not downloaded, DRS will contact the student to evaluate if the accommodation needs to be adjusted or potentially removed.
  • Student must download notes they wish to keep for future use as notes are removed from myDRS after the end completion of the quarter.
  • Respond promptly to any correspondence received from DRS. A lack of response, or an untimely response, can delay, impact, or ultimately cancel requested notetaking services.
  • Discuss any concerns regarding this accommodation with assigned DRS Coordinator.

DRS Responsibilities

  • Work with student to determine best format for notes and/or record of lecture materials as related to obtaining a record of class; monitor student access to uploaded materials as appropriate.
  • Assign notetakers, conduct technology trainings, support acquiring copies of lecture materials.
  • If notes/course materials have not been uploaded for a week, DRS staff will communicate the uploading requirement of within 24 hours of the class.
  • If notetaker becomes inactive, DRS will seek alternative notetakers/other services.
  • Work with student to resolve any difficulties with notetaking, including working with faculty to determine other resources as appropriate and as needed.
  • Ensure that appropriate accommodations are provided per stated timelines based on submission dates of requests.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Notify DRS staff if there are issues with the notes and/or record of lecture materials implementation.
  • Provide all relevant course materials, handouts, presented materials needed for accommodation in a timely manner.

(Updated 1/2020)