Disability Resources for Students

Interpreting and Real-Time Captioning

Interpreting and real-time captioning services are provided through collaboration with the University’s Disability Services Office (DSO). DSO is the unit that manages these services throughout the institution and DRS offices essentially use them as a vendor. DSO provides services through independent contractors who are recruited and scheduled through office coordinators. DSO sets procedures and protocols for delivering services. These trained professionals will position themselves in the best line of sight for the student or utilize a screen where the verbal information is presented as text for the student to read.

In delivering these accommodations in academic settings, an interpreter and/or a captioner cannot:

  • Add or delete information
  • Take responsibility for the student’s absences or classroom performance
  • Provide service during tests (unless requested in advance)
  • Participate in class discussions or activities
  • Advise people on the subject of deafness
  • Talk about court reporting equipment or the profession during class time

Student Responsibilities

  • Activate accommodation by checking the appropriate box in student myDRS profile per the services timeline OR as soon as possible once approved by the DRS Coordinator.
    • DSO needs at least 10 days to find an interpreter/captioner for a single event request, and at least 5 weeks for class request.
  • All requests will be processed in the order received. Submitting a late request may take longer to fulfill than the timeframe outlined in the Services Request Timeline. Changes to requests should be made in myDRS as soon as possible.
  • Requests for class-related activities such as field trips, meetings with the instructor, and group meetings in addition to course times need to be submitted as soon as known so the scheduling process can be engaged.
  • The interpreter/captioner will wait for 20 mins per hour of class time, then leave. The student will not be provided a transcript if they do not show to class.
  • Report any difficulties in scheduling or implementation to DRS as soon as possible for resolution.
  • Discuss any concerns regarding this accommodation with assigned DRS Coordinator.

DRS Responsibilities

  • Contact the Interpreting/Captioning services in DSP to request services for the class/event per those procedures.
  • Review reported service issues and determine alternatives as needed to DSO.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • It is strongly recommended that the interpreter/captioner is added to the class communication list, including online course access, so they are notified of cancellations. Many times, the student will notify the interpreter/captioner about canceled class.
  • Ensure speakers in class speak at a normal rate, and not to speak at the same time.
  • Review Best Practices for Faculty Working with Interpreting/Captioning Services.

(Updated 1/2020)