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Accessible Furniture in Classrooms

Accessible Furniture in Classrooms is an an accommodation approved by DRS so students with disabilities can have equal access to campus classroom spaces and furniture. Examples of furniture that may be requested and/or places in classrooms are adjustable height tables, padded & adjustable chairs, stools, and podiums for those that need to stand.

Placement of furniture into classrooms/requested spaces is carried out by appropriate units on campus in partnership with DRS or, depending on the building in which the course is located, other administrative offices. Given the cross-departmental collaboration, timely submission of requests by students is necessary.

Student Responsibilities

  • Activate accommodation by checking the appropriate box in student myDRS profile per the services timeline OR as soon as possible once approved by the DRS Coordinator.
  • Contact DRS Classroom Services staff if the placed furniture:
    • is not in the room
    • is not longer in the room
    • does not meet your needs
    • is being misused by other people in the classroom

DRS Responsibilities

  • Ensure that appropriate accommodations are provided per stated timelines based on submission dates of requests.
  • Submit needs to appropriate units or other necessary departments for placement and serve as liaison between student and campus unit as needed to resolve any issue.

Campus Unit Responsibilities

  • Responsible for furniture placement in relevant classrooms/spaces and confirms placement to DRS within one week of submitted placement request or 1st day of class, whichever is relevant based on time of quarter.

NOTE: This may take up to a week for requests submitted in a timely manner.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Implement activated accommodations in a timely manner, consult with DRS as needed.
  • Faculty/instructors should not purchase or put furniture/equipment in place as an accommodation; all requests/needs must come through DRS by student request.

Although faculty/instructors are not directly responsible for this accommodation, close observation of classroom furniture and any perceived impacts are helpful – particularly in cases where the furniture and/or equipment needs to meet specific curricular needs.


Students approved for accessible furniture may find the following links useful.

Classroom Schematics and Photos: If you are unsure of whether or not a classroom’s furniture suits your needs, you may be able to find more information here

Link to myDRS Student Guide

(Updated 1/2020)