UW On-Campus Housing

Students interested in living in accessible spaces in UW Housing must complete a myDRS  Application with the DRS office and submit the DRS Disability Housing & Medical Dietary Request. Requests need to be made in accordance with the Deadlines for Housing Accommodations. Accommodation requests submitted after the deadline will be processed on a space available basis and may include a wait list.

The types of accommodations provided are dependent on the nature of the disability, impact in the on campus  living environment, and provided on a case by case basis. DRS works in collaboration with the UW Housing & Food Services office to provide accommodations that meet individual student needs.

Types of accommodation(s) that may be provided include, but are not limited to:

  • Wheelchair accessible room with private bath
  • Room equipped with a visual fire alert
  • Residential hall & room access
  • Medical related dietary needs
  • Single room
  • Special bathroom needs
  • Furniture adjustments

Steps to Receive Housing Accommodations

*Be aware of the UW Housing Accommodation Deadlines for accommodation requests submitted after these dates will be processed on a space available basis and may include a wait list.

  1. Apply for UW housing
  2. Register with Disability Resources for Students (DRS)
  3. DRS will review your application and request for accommodation and make contact to engage you in the interactive process
  4. Once an housing accommodation is determined, DRS partners with University Housing & Food Services Staff to assign students based on availability and specific needs.

Medical Related Dietary Restriction Process

The process for Medical Related Dietary Requests (MRDR) accommodations are done in partnership with UW Housing & Food Services (HFS), once a student has completed the steps outlined above:

  • DRS reviews the request and contacts the student regarding next steps.
  • Once an accommodation is approved, DRS informs HFS of the need for a MRDR Consult with UW Dining Staff
  • Once a housing assignment is established, HFS connects with the student to scheduled a consult.  A consult is a meeting with UW Food Services to discuss needs, learn how to access and food and eat safely on campus.
    • For students starting in Autumn quarter these MRDR consult are typically scheduled starting in June and through August by UW Food Services Staff
    • MRDR Consults are a meeting with UW Food Services staff located on the part of campus a student will be living, a tour of the dining facility, information about special ordering options and the UW District Market
  • UW Food Services will notify DRS if any additional modifications to the HFS accommodation plan are needed after the MRDR Consult

Disability Housing FAQs

  • DRS does not waive termination or other HFS housing contract fees as an accommodation. Students seeking Housing Waivers need to complete the HFS outline process: https://www.hfs.washington.edu/housing/waiver/
  • DRS can not change a students assignment priority status. Students with questions should contact HFS Student Services Operations office for more information.
  • The process for requesting disability accommodations is separate from the application process for UW Housing.
  • Disability accommodation needs do not automatically give students priority in housing assignments. Housing applications with disability accommodations requested by the listed deadlines receive priority in assignments. Applications submitted, with accommodations requested, after the deadline(s) will be assigned on a space available bases and may include a wait list.
  • Family Housing has a priority system that puts students with disability housing needs in the 1st priority category. Students work with DRS to receive placement into this category.
  • The process for requesting housing accommodations is separate from requesting academic and classroom accommodations, but they can be done at the same time.


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