Graduate Student, Earth & Space Sciences

AB Degree Track
Dual-Title PhD

Faculty Advisor
Drew Gorman-Lewis

Origin & Evolution of Life on Earth
Life in Extreme Environments
Education & Outreach


Addien Wray

Addien graduated with majors in marine science and integrative biology from the University of California at Berkeley in 2014. His interests lie in how geochemistry affects microbial community structure, particularly in extreme habitats, such as hydrothermal vents. This biogeochemical bent was first piqued while interning as an undergraduate in the Astrobiology Division at NASA’s Ames Research Center. Working with Prof. Drew Gorman-Lewis, Addien plans to continue in this vein of interdisciplinary and astrobiology-motivated research to study energy flow in systems under unique geochemical conditions and to understand the role microorganisms play and how they are affected by variations in those conditions. While not in the lab, Addien is an avid birder and competitive fencer and enjoys the rich environment for both available in Seattle.

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