Associate Professor, Oceanography

Origin & Evolution of Life on Earth
Life in Extreme Environments


Evan Solomon

Evan Solomon is a marine geochemist/geologist whose research combines the development of seafloor/subseafloor instrumentation, fieldwork, laboratory analysis, and numerical modeling to document and understand a wide range of marine geologic processes. His research is interdisciplinary, combining the fields of geology, geochemistry, geophysics, and microbiology. His current research focuses on 1) biogeochemical cycling between the ocean and crust; 2) fluid flow at subduction zones; 3) methane hydrate systems; 4) sediment diagenesis; and 5) metabolic pathways and rates in the deep biosphere. He conducts work around the world with current field programs offshore New Zealand, Washington/Oregon, Puerto Rico, and in the Gulf of Mexico.

The role of fluids in the chemical and thermal evolution of subduction zones, passive margins, and ridge flanks; the interrelationship of fluid flow and deformation along continental margins; gas hydrates and environmental change; cold seeps and hydrocarbon fluxes to the ocean and atmosphere; long-term hydrogeochemical monitoring; sediment pore fluid biogeochemistry and diagenesis.

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