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Civil Rights and Labor History Consortium / University of Washington

Labor Events Yearbook: 1933

This is a database of campaigns, strikes, and labor related events as recorded in the Washington State Labor News and the Voice of Action from March through December 1933. It was researched, digitized, and compiled by Brittany Barrett. Click the links to read the articles.

Highlights 1933

Labor activism revived in 1933, much of it animated by radicals associated with the Communist Party and the Unemployed Citizens League. The Voice of Action (published by the Communist Party) records small strikes and protest in dozens of settings--notably among unemployed workers protesting meagre relief funds, timber workers, fishermen, coal miners, and even University of Washington students. The early 1933 issues of Washington State Labor News, official voice of the state's AFL unions, are not available. Our survey begins in June and finds organizing campaigns in various trades, including bakers, barbers, steel workers, garment workers, shingle weavers, firefighters, retail clerks, and government employees. Not to be outdone, the Embalmers Union began organizing mortuary workers. The year also saw the start of an angry jurisdictional battle between the Brewery Workers Union and Teamsters Union over who would organize brewery drivers.