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Civil Rights and Labor History Consortium / University of Washington

Labor Events Yearbook: 1934

This is a database of campaigns, strikes, and labor related events as recorded in the Washington State Labor News and Voice of Action during 1934. It was researched by Amanda Higgins and Nick Hamblet. Start by reading the labor highlights reports. Below that is the database. Click the links to read the articles.

Highlights 1934 by Nick Hamblet and Amanda Higgins

Union organizing, boycotts, and strikes all came to a head in 1934. The most notable labor action in Washington was the Longshoremen’s strike, lasting nearly three months from early May through the end of July.  With workers heading back to work and the economy growing, 1934 was seen as a year to mobilize and organize unions.  The Washington State Labor News wrote, “The biggest thing in 1934 is organization of workers into unions." Radicalism was also on the rise. The Communist Party organized dozens of strikes and protests and tried to build new industrial unions to compete with the AFL unions, all of which was reported in the CP-controlled Voice of Action.

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