Student Honored in Husky 100 during 2022

Each year, UW recognizes 100 undergraduate and graduate students who are making the most of their time at the university. We are excited to share that one of the students supporting the center’s work has been named to the Husky 100 — Sheharbano Jafry. She is a third-year undergraduate, who has been supporting the information navigator blog as part of the Partnership for Vaccine Confidence project.

Students Honored in Husky 100 during 2021

Two students — Najma Abdi and Evalynn Fae Taganna Romano — who have supported the work and efforts of the University of Washington Health Promotion Research Center (UW HPRC) were named as part of the university’s Husky 100 this year.

Making Progress, Together

2021 calendar

Welcome to 2021. It is a new year with new possibilities. And was there ever a year where we are all so ready for the potential progress it holds? Take a look back at 2020 with us before we look ahead to what 2021 has to offer at the UW Health Promotion Research Center.

UW HPRC Student Honored as a 2020 Husky 100

Perla Bravo Acevedo

Perla Bravo Acevedo as one of the Husky 100 this year. The award goes to 100 University of Washington students who actively connect what happens inside and outside of the classroom and apply what they learn to make a difference on campus, in their communities, and for the future.

HPRC Welcomes a New Chair for Its Community Advisory Board

Margaret Boddie

The UW Health Promotion Research Center (UW HPRC) is proud to announce Margaret Boddie as its newest Community Advisory Board chair. The board includes representatives from many of our community partner organizations.

Reflecting on Our Success & Looking Forward

2020 in the sky at sunrise

The UW Health Promotion Research Center (UW HPRC) takes a look at its successes from the last five-year funding cycle and looks ahead at what to expect next.

UW HPRC Researchers Take Part in Unique Journal Supplement

Wendy Barrington and Linda Ko

Researchers with the UW Health Promotion Research Center (UW HPRC) played a key part in producing a supplemental issue of the “Preventive Medicine” journal, using collaboration to elevate their scientific findings and identify disparities in public health as part of the CDC’s Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network (CPCRN).

HPRC’s Husky 100 Winners of 2019

Meagan Brown and Marissa Jackson

Two HPRC students have been honored as Husky 100 awardees — Meagan Brown and Marissa Jackson.

Looking Back at 2017, Look Forward to 2018

HPRC Impact Numbers for 2017

Happy 2018! The Health Promotion Research Center (HPRC) wishes you a healthy and fulfilling new year.

HPRC Awarded $250,000 for Cancer Patient Navigation Study

Wendy Barrington

A new CDC-funded Special Interest Project, titled “Formative Study of Patient Navigators with the National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (NBCCEDP) and the Colorectal Cancer Control Program (CRCCP)” aims to characterize patient navigators’ background, roles and responsibilities, work environment, and training and technical assistance needs.

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