Products & Tools

Physical Activity

Rapid Assessment Physical Activity Tool (RAPA) is a brief instrument to assess physical activity in older adults. It is designed to be easily incorporated into clinical practice.

Telephone Assessment Physical Activity Tool (TAPA) is a version of the RAPA that can be conducted by telephone.

Mall Walking: A Program Resource Guide was developed to provide information about the health benefits of mall walking and to present practical strategies for starting and maintaining walking programs in malls and other venues.

Environmental Audit Tools and Protocols. These widely-used tools are available on our Healthy Aging Research Network Archives page.

EnhanceFitness offers flexibility, balance, low impact aerobics, and strength training exercises for older adults. Developed by HPRC in partnership with a local senior center, EnhanceFitness is now licensed nationally by Sound Generations.

Environmental and Policy Change Clearinghouse. Through agreement between AARP Livable Communities and the CDC-HAN, EPC Clearinghouse resources have been integrated into the AARP Livable Communities Resource Hub.

Shape Up! Seattle is a neighborhood physical activity guide for senior adults in Southeast Seattle and the Duwamish area.

Neighborhood Walkability Scoring Tools are two surveys that can be used to score neighborhood environments for walkability:

Workplace Health Promotion

ACS Workplace Solutions is a program that helps employers craft health promotion benefits and programs and implement them in their worksites.

Depression Management

PEARLS Toolkit (186 pages) includes program background, detailed instructions, guidance, tips, and all the forms needed to effectively implement PEARLS after completing PEARLS training. (Learn more about PEARLS training opportunities.)

Evidence-Based Depression Care Management: Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives for Seniors (PEARLS) [archived webinar]. Snowden M, Piering P. 2008.

Cancer Prevention

Putting Public Health Evidence in Action
Download all files needed to conduct training developed by the Cancer Prevention and Control Research Network.

Fall Prevention

Fall Prevention Health History Questionnaire is a sample questionnaire from the Harborview Medical Center Fall Prevention Clinic, directed by HPRC investigator, Dr. Elizabeth Phelan.