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Extraordinary Leader Workshop

The Extraordinary Leader workshop utilizes proven research and 360 degree feedback to promote the learning and growth of leaders. This workshop is recommended for leaders who have served in their current role for no less than 9 months.

Session 1: Introduction to Extraordinary Leader Workshop

This 2.5 hour introductory session will introduce participants to the Extraordinary Leader model and help prepare them for the process of selecting respondents for the 360-degree feedback assessment. Specifically, participants will:

  • Learn the sixteen core leadership competencies
  • Learn about a new approach to development that helps leaders move from ‘good’ to ‘great’
  • Prepare for selecting respondents for the 360-degree feedback assessment

Session 2: Extraordinary Leader: Interpreting Your Results

At the full-day workshop, the focus will be on interpreting the results of the feedback report and creating a development plan. Specifically, participants will:

  • Utilize 360 feedback to identify key strengths and possible neutralizers
  • Create a development plan that focuses on building strengths, which has a far greater return on investment than focusing on weaknesses
  • Gain access to a ‘peer coach’ to help offer support and guidance during the development process

360-Degree Feedback

While many of us may not have participated in a 360 degree feedback process, it is a practice that is becoming much more prevalent in today’s organizations as the development of leaders becomes a strategic imperative. Here is a brief explanation of what we mean by ‘360 degree feedback’:

360 degree feedback…

  • …is the process of soliciting feedback from others about how they perceive our behavior
  • …allows us to compare how we see ourselves to how others experience us
  • …provides us with the opportunity to reflect on our behavior and make changes


Stephanie Schulz and Julie Bremer

Course Dates & Times:

The Extraordinary Leadership Workshop is a two-part session and attendance is required at both sessions.

  • 10/23/20 8:00AM-10:30AM Zoom and 11/13/20 8:00AM-4:30PM Zoom  Sign up now