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Leadership Development Program

Leadership Development

Leadership Development is a multi-faceted process that builds the skills, perspectives and confidence of leaders to fulfill their responsibilities and achieve the goals of their department and the organization. It includes both formal and informal experiences and activities.

At UW Medicine, Organization Development and Training (OD&T) supports Leadership Development by providing consulting, coaching, programs, and courses that address specific skills needed to lead effectively in this system. OD&T also supports leaders in developing their leadership identity and personal style.

All of OD&T’s services are fully subsidized (offered free of charge) for UW Medicine staff.

Leader Orientation and Onboarding

Effective orientation and onboarding are both essential for helping new leaders achieve success in their new roles. OD&T supports leaders in their new roles through the following resources and services:

UW Medicine Leader Orientation  – This event is provided to formally welcome leaders into their leadership roles at UW Medicine while orienting them to these expectations and resources in preparation for their journey toward becoming outstanding leaders.  See course description below under workshops.

Leadership transition facilitated sessions– In these sessions, a consultant facilitates a dialogue between the new leader and their staff members to get clarity and alignment on expectations and establish mutual commitments. Interested in setting up such a session? Contact us at odtreg@uw.edu.

Leadership Orientation Resource Documents

These 3 documents below are used in the Leader Orientation – Part One workshop. Links are included in each document to make it even more useful when using on-line.

  • Leaders Developmental Resource Guide – This guide provides leaders with an orientation and foundation to leadership development concepts and resources at UW Medicine.
  • Leader Responsibilities and Resources document – This centralized, consolidated list of information identifies resources available to leaders, to help complete essential tasks in a range of areas, including payroll, recruiting, performance management, budgeting, procurement, contracting, etc.
  • Patients Are First Leadership Checklist document – This checklist breaks down ongoing, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual actions to help hardwire excellence for new leaders, as defined by UW Medicine Patients are First efforts. New leaders should speak to their supervisor to determine the tasks they are responsible for doing and specific tools (e.g. forms etc.) they use in their areas.  This document is also included within the Leaders Developmental Resource Guide.

Leadership Development Program workshops

UW Medicine Leader Orientation 

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Description: Leader Orientation consists of two, 4-hour classes (Part One and Part Two) which are provided to formally welcome leaders into their leadership roles at UW Medicine while orienting them to expectations and resources in preparation for their journey toward becoming outstanding leaders. Leaders complete these two classes as soon as possible after they enter a leadership role at UW Medicine. See the Leadership Orientation Resource documents above that are used in the Leader Orientation – Part One class.

New Leadership Development Program – coming soon

[This new program is replacing our Tier 1 and 2 classes, which are now retired as of December 2019.]

If you’re interested in attending this new program, please email us at odtreg@uw.edu or call us at (206) 598-6118 and we will notify you as soon as they are open for registration. Please provide your Name, UW NETID/email address and contact phone number. Thank you!

Interviewing and Selection: Hiring the Best Fit

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Description: This workshop helps participants develop and conduct candidate assessment processes in order to select “best fit” candidates that we need in order to create a motivated and skilled workforce that is committed to our mission and can contribute in a positive way to our daily objectives. In addition, participants learn about legal considerations, managing potential biases and behavior-based interviewing.

Corrective Action Managing Performance Problems: A Positive Approach

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Description: During this course, participants build their confidence and skills in conducting performance management conversations and Corrective Action processes and meetings. Corrective Action is a formal UW process that enables managers to resolve serious performance problems while maintaining a healthy and productive workforce.

Extraordinary Leader

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Description: The Extraordinary Leader workshop utilizes proven research and 360 degree feedback to promote the learning and growth of leaders. This 2 part series provides attendees with a customized feedback report from which to create a strengths-based action plan for development. The introductory workshop is 2.5 hours followed by a full day workshop (3 weeks later) to interpret the results of the feedback report.


OD&T Consultants provide consultation, advice, strategies, new perspectives, and resources to strengthen leader effectiveness overall and when facing specific challenges. Our services include 1:1 consultation, facilitated sessions tailored to groups on specific topics, guidance for groups to set up and facilitate ongoing book discussion series, etc.

Find out more about our Consulting services here.

Contact us at odtreg@uw.edu to set up a time to discuss your needs and goals.

Leadership Coaching

OD&T Consultants offer individual, group, and team coaching for leaders who would benefit from ongoing, intensive support for their development.

Individual coaching focuses on accelerating a leader’s individual development. The coach and leader work in partnership, typically for 3-6 months. This process typically begins with an assessment to gather feedback from peers, direct reports, and other stakeholders. This allows leaders to see things from a different perspective and reflect on the changes they would like to make as leaders. In coaching sessions, the coach draws from a variety of resources to help the leader examine existing behaviors, address specific challenges, build improved self-awareness, practice new behaviors, and develop new skills..

NEW OFFERING! Peer Leadership Coaching Groups adapt the principles and methods of individual coaching and apply them to small intentional peer groups of individual leaders. A coach works with group members who meet periodically to reflect together, coach one another on individual challenges, share experiences, and hold one another accountable. Participants gain greater insight and awareness of their own impact, learn from the experiences and knowledge of others, and give and receive peer support as they work towards meaningful behavioral change. In addition to benefiting from coaching, participants develop their own coaching skills, which they can use in the workplace.  Learn more

Team coaching aims at creating high-performing leadership teams. A coach works with a team of leaders, typically over several months, to facilitate collective learning, growth, and improved performance of the team as a whole. While the team works on real-world challenges, the coach supports the team in identifying what is working well in how they work together, as well as comprehensively addressing areas that can be changed for the better.

Would you like to learn more? Contact us at odtreg@uw.edu to set up a time to discuss your needs and goals.


If you want to strengthen your leadership at your own pace, the suggested resources listed here provide practical guidance for developing leader effectiveness, both overall and in a variety of areas. Included are recommended books, videos, and podcasts for leaders at all levels, from first-level leaders to executives.

For help choosing a resource, contact us at odtreg@uw.edu to set up a time to discuss your needs and goals.