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UW Medicine Leader Orientation

UW Medicine Leader Orientation (NEW Two Parts/2 half day offerings)

[Please note changes: In 2020, Leader Orientation has been expanded. It now includes two, separate 4 hour sessions.  New topics include legal aspects of leading/management and promoting compliance. ** Due to the addition of new topics, some leaders who have attended Leader Orientation in the past and who never attended our retired Tier 1 program may want to attend Part Two].


Part One: Leading at UW Medicine (4 hrs)

This session formally welcome leaders into their leadership roles at UW Medicine while orienting them to expectations and resources in preparation for their journey toward becoming outstanding leaders. A Patients Are First overview will also be provided. (This session is same Leader Orientation we have provided since 2015.)

Part Two: Leadership Responsibilities: Human Resources and Compliance (4 hrs)

This session addresses the important legal aspects of managing staff and a leader’s responsibility for promoting organizational compliance. Facilitation of this session is shared by OD&T, HR/Employee Relations and Compliance.

Who should attend? All new leaders at UW Medicine should attend both of these Leader Orientation offerings as soon as possible after entering their leadership role. All leaders are welcome to attend to refresh and align their approach to leadership at UW Medicine.

Part One and Part Two do not have to be taken in order.
Some sessions will be provided virtually, on-line via Zoom.

Upcoming Courses

UW Medicine Leader Orientation

Part One: Leading at UW Medicine

Part Two: Leadership Responsibilities: Human Resources and Compliance

  • Future offerings are forthcoming


After attending these two offerings, UW Medicine Leaders will have discussed and become aware of the following:

  • Their Unique Journey into Leadership
  • Expectations that UW Medicine has of all leaders.
  • Patients Are First overview, tools and resources.
  • Opportunities and resources available for their personal development as leaders, and for the development of their direct report leaders.
  • The value of networking and sharing support with other leaders.
  • Resources and support available for leaders to perform their jobs.
  • Their responsibilities in working with HR/Employee Relations and Compliance.

Pre-Event Assignment:
You will receive some materials to review and reflect upon before each event.