Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center

Social Justice Library

The Kelly ECC Social Justice Library aims to be a justice focused and community dialogue resource. This community library is curated by the caretakers and student leaders who have called the ECC ‘home’ for over 47 years.

Library Catalog

Browse our catalog of over 600 books to find what you’re looking for:

Book Catalog

Checking Out Books

  • See front desk staff in order to have a book checked out to you. Please have book title or physical book with you.
  • A maximum of 3 books can be checked out at one time.
  • Books can be checked out for 2 weeks at a time.

Checking In Books

  • Kelly ECC front desk staff will assist you in checking the book back in to the system and will place it back on the shelf for you.
  • Please do not return books to shelves yourself.


Donating to the Social Justice Library

Donation Policies

  • Policy on Intake of Donations:
    • Regrettably, due to space restriction, the lack of staff resources, and an overlap between donations and our current holdings we cannot accept the following items:
        1. Heavily damaged, annotated, and/or moldy books
        2. Photocopies of books, journal articles or reprints of journal articles
        3. Duplicate University of Washington dissertations
        4. Back runs of journals
        5. Reader’s Digest or other condensed books
        6. Cliffs Notes or other book summaries
  • Policy on intake of duplicates:
    • Please note, if any donated books is determined to be outside the scope of our collection or is a duplicate of any title in our current holdings, it is often used for exchange. In some cases, we may use duplicates to replace missing or damaged copies.

How to Donate

  • Donations will be taken as walk-in. The front desk staff at the Kelly ECC will be accepting books that follow our donation policies.
  • If you have a large donation or will need us to review the books’ eligibility, please contact to set up an appointment.
  • You may also contact us with book titles in the case that those books are already listed in our catalog. Please see policy on intakes of duplicates.